BIGS Researches ICT on Governance Sector in Indonesia, Philippines, and Brazil

Bandung Institute of Governance Studies (BIGS) is researching on initiatives implemented by various institutions on ICT (Information and Communication Technology). This is a part of big program of Making All Voices Count and is supported by International Development Studies (IDS).

This research is conducted at national level (ICT projects at ministry level and national-level CSOs) and local level (local government’s initiatives and local CSOs). It plans to research 10 cases, which includes 5 cases of national level and other 5 cases of local level. For comparison purpose, the same research will also be conducted in Philippines and Brazil.

Focus of this research is ICT cases that are efforts of solving governance issues, particularly on promoting government’s responsiveness and accountability in providing public services. Further, this research will pay special attention to initiatives that promote Open Data implementation in Indonesia.

The research basically aims at building knowledge basis and evidence that ICT development on governance sector and promotion of Open Data in Indonesia can refer to.

The research will be conducted throughout 2016. The results are expected to be distributed to various parties, particularly those who work in ICT and development sectors.

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