ICT for Governance: Learning for Success

Why an ICT (Information and Communication Technology) program works while others don’t? What factors can influence success of any ICT program, particularly ICT program for governance?

To answer these important questions, Bandung Institute of Governance Studies (BIGS) conducted a research on ICT initiatives in governance sector. This research is supported by IDS (Institute of Development Studies) within the scope of a larger program, namely MAVC (Making All Voices Count).

Of 10 ICT initiatives researched, which are of national and local levels, and of CSO (civil society organization) and local and central government origins, five important lessons can be drawn. Basically, successful ICT programs are those that show: responsiveness to ICT ecosystem that envelop them, the ability to identify and address disconnectivity that occurs, the flexibility of management, circularity (which means the idea is keep developing), and ability to make harmony between online and offline aspects.

Results of the research are presented in FGD (Focus Group Discussion) event on 14th December 2016, in Jakarta. The FGD is attended by participants from government, donor organizations, and national and international NGOs. The event presented exposition from BIGS (on its research results), Dewan TIK National (National Council of ICT), and KSP (Presidential Staff Office). FGD is the closing of the event.

Group Discussion during the FGD.

In its exposition, BIGS explained the background, method, and results of the reseach. The exposition is presented in video.

Ashwin Sasongko from Dewan TIK Nasional and Robertus Theodore from KSP participated as speakers in this FGD event. Ashwin Sasongko explained the problems in ICT management in Indonesia. His exposition opened eyes of the audience on various current regulations that are not implemented optimally yet. Robertus Theodore delivered learnings taken from efforts of encouraging open government in Indonesia. KSP has been doing the efforts until now. One of the efforts is finding champions at loval level. Champions may make efforts of promoting open government, including promoting good ICT management, run easier.

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