In Brief

Civil society is a just society whose life is based on openness and equality principles. It is societal systems in which all components actively participate in achieving collective objectives, that is justice and welfare society.

Awareness of creating justice and welfare civil society in Indonesia led to the establishment of BIGS. BIGS was started as a foundation, born on May 14, 1999 in Bandung. As time went by, BIGS is changed into an association. This new legal form is supported by Notarial of Irma Rahmawati, dated May 20, 2006, and is registered in district court of Bandung City on number 29, dated June 6, 2006.

BIGS always believes that governance need work partners to collaborate in order to develop appropriate policies, particularly in development budget, for the purpose of creating clean and good governance. This role is then actively taken by BIGS who constantly seeks to give positive contributions through its various programs and activities.

Through its activities and programs, BIGS also keeps trying to become catalyst of society capacity strengthening that may lead to the birth of smart, dynamic and participative society in managing public budget. All of these works shall lead to improvement of comprehensive quality of life of Indonesians.

Entering this decade, BIGS states new motto:

BIGS serves as “motor” that seeks to create good governance and society capacity improvement via budget reform for public service improvement.