Ismoerdijahwati Koeshandari Rahayu

An ITB graduate in Fine Arts, she is a caring person, particularly for education issues, such as education for poor children. Beside teaching in her alma mater and serving as a member of BIGS’s governing body, Ika establishes and manages “Taboo”, an education community and library in Bandung.



Taufan Hidayatullah

Joining BIGS since 2002 and becoming a member of BIGS’s governing body since 2007, the man holds Dean of Visual Communication Design in UNIKOM (Computer University of Indonesia). His interests in observing social, arts and cultural issues are well applied in his caricature and illustration works that reflect contemporary social and political condition.


Suhud Darmawan
Deputy of Director

This ex journalist joins BIGS since 2002 to initiate and develops BUJET Bulletin. His interests in media and communication lead him to develop Budget Journalism in BIGS. Some regions in Indonesia, such as Aceh, West Nusa Tenggara, South Kalimantan to Ambon, have been visited by him for the purpose of research, advocacy and media coverage. He also participated in Workshop on Budget Advocacy in Mexico City. As a deputy of director, he is responsible in Division of Budget Resource Center.

Markus Christian
Program Manager

As Program Manager, he is also responsible to manage Division of Governance Reform (DGR) whose main duty is the think tank of the organization in initiating programs and activities according to the vision, missions, and strategies of the organization. He occupies the position due to his experience in researches on education and health, plus his workshop experiences abroad — in Washington and New Delhi.


Lita Roslita

Office Manager

She began her career as librarian of BIGS in 2005, and then moved to SKEPO as office manager. In 2009 she returned to BIGS and this time her job has been to rearrange and to manage office tasks. Her skill and energetic attitude in managing office duties make BIGS’s office tasks run efficiently and effectively. She loves books and is interested in various social and child issues, and was involved in researches on the issues of labour and child.

Alwin Khafidloh
Program Officer

She knew BIGS since 2005 when she was a student. Now she is one of BIGS’s program motors, particularly in budget and public service issues, such as education and health sectors. This alumnus of Regional and City Planning of ITB enjoys her work as a researcher. She was a coordinator of Advocacy Team of Reducing Maternal Mortality Rate and Infant Mortality Rate team, and is actively engaging in education budget research. In addition to participating research dissemination in Washington, she participated workshop on monitoring of goods and service procurement in Hong Kong.


Assistant Researcher

Joining BIGS as an Intern since 2008, this alumnus of Law Faculty is strongly interested in public policy and advocacy issues. His current research includes transparency and accountability of education fund and research on Economic, Social and Cultural rights fulfillment.